case studies


If a 50% saving can be achieved over a short period of time, by investing an extra 10% from the outset, then this would in most cases, be seen as a sensible decision. All of us at CONNECT firmly believe in assessing all major investments from a WHOLE LIFE COST basis. 

The benefits of forming decisions based upon a WHOLE LIFE approach are not just economic, environmental and sustainability decisions can be made in the same way. WHOLE LIFE COST analysis does not always mean an increased initial CAPEX cost, but does represent a more thorough value for money assessment.

As firm advocates of WHOLE LIFE COST, CONNECT have utilised these principles to good effect on these projects: -

    10th Ramadam to Ain Shams, Egyptian Metro Scheme, $35m to $150m

    Borders Railway, 2012, £500m 

    PCAT, Commercial Assessments and Applications £50k to £60m

To understand the essentials of accurate OPEX cost models, and to discuss our Light Rail Operating Cost Model, please get in touch.