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OPEX costs give invaluable information to investors, owners, sponsors and also the design / construction teams of any infrastructure project.

Building something is one thing, but knowing how much the project and associated vehicles will cost to run in any given year is invaluable for modelling return and levels of required investment.

CONNECT have discussed all costs associated with operating transportation projects and can advise on the costs to expect over a given period of time. Items including maintenance, planned replacement, failure rates and more, all need to be included within successful OPEX models.

Examples of where CONNECT have provided detailed OPEX advice are as follows: -

    10th Ramadam to Ain Shams, Egyptian Metro Scheme, $35m to $150m

    Wednesbury to Brierley Hill Metro Extension, 2017 £200m

    Borders Railway, 2012, £500m 

    LRT OPEX estimating model, UKTram, 2017

To understand the essentials of accurate OPEX cost models, and to discuss our Light Rail Operating Cost Model, please get in touch.