case studies


Third Party INVESTMENT in infrastructure projects is seen as essential for the continuation of economic growth in many economies. The development and reintroduction of transportation corridors can boost many sectors and provide essential services to people along the route.

At CONNECT we have established a reputation of supporting such investment opportunities, providing essential commercial information required by funders looking to obtain low risk, continual returns from a sector that is established and high demand. 

Projects and innovations that CONNECT have provided funder intermediary services for are as follows: -

    10th Ramadam to Ain Shams, Egyptian Metro Scheme, $35m to $150m

    Stourbridge to Lichfield, Private Funding Study, £350m

    Telford to Ironbridge, PMOL, £15m to £30m

    Pre Cast Advanced Track,  2013 to present, all commercial support including product pricing through to cost benefit analysis

To discuss INVESTMENT opportunities with us please contact CONNECT.