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An all round understanding of the infrastructure required for transportation systems is essential for accurate CAPEX costs are to be provided. 

Being able to convert known design and information into cost is straightforward but alone does not  make a good CAPEX estimate. Identifying the gaps in information and what should be included, thanks to experience and excellent knowledge is the stand-out factor and the difference between average and excellence. 

CONNECT have applied this in-depth knowledge on these projects: -

Island Line Light Rail Conversion, 2018 to present, £40m to £96m

10th Ramadam to Ain Shams, Egyptian Metro Scheme, $35m to $150m

Stourbridge to Lichfield, Private Funding Study, £350m

PCAT, Commercial Assessments and Applications £50k to £60m 

If you would like to know more detail of the CONNECT approach to the above projects, and what was involved, please contact us.

Twitter @@CNNCT_consult
Twitter @@CNNCT_consult