protecting investments through excellent cost consultancy

with direct links to vehicle manufacturers, operators and industry innovators, CONNECT have experience in all aspects of transportation sectors.

CONNECT all of these facets to provide excellent investment opportunities and commercial assurance.

to see examples of our work, go to our  case studies

CONNECT bring together all of the knowledge and competencies required to identify, promote and support third party investment in transportation projects.

Mathew Taylor, owner of CNNCT LTD, has over 30 years experience in providing  advice and support to clients and projects all over the world.

case studies

good investment opportunities within transportation offer access to a growth market and untapped potential. CONNECT will support this journey from start to finish

CONNECT can provide a complete service  including opportunity identification, full scheme cost, risk profiling, operating costs, revenue generation and more

all funding requires detailed understanding of the opportunities and risks. CONNECT understand the infrastructure and operational risks and where value can be captured


whole scheme

funding and value

case studies

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commercial management


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